Magnesium Natural Relief Bath Flakes 200g


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Amazing Oils Magnesium Natural Relief Bath Flakes 200g

"Amazing Oil's Magnesium Bath Flakes are your personal relaxation assistant. Made from pure, Magnesium Chloride flakes (Not Magnesium Sulfate!). Taking a warm bath in these Amazing Magnesium Flakes is an effective way to relax and unwind after a long day."

Magnesium baths are beneficial for overall health. This concentrated from of Magnesium allows full absorption into the muscles, nerves and tissue.

If you don't have a bath at home, try a foot bath with 2-4 tablespoons of magnesium salt per 10L.


Due to how effective the Amazing Oil's Bath Flakes are, you only need to use 1/2 cup in a regular sized bath.

Active Ingredients: Naturally occurring Magnesium chloride. Pharmaceutical grade.