Aura Cleanse Body Ritual | 1.5hours

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  • Revitalising Dry Body Brush Treatment
  • Energy Cleansing Body Exfoliation with Himalayan Salt & Organic Coconut Oil
  • Rejuvenating Jet Shower Immersion Treatment
  • Wellbeing Full Body Massage
  • Complimentary Tea Tonic Organic Tea to enjoy

 Energy cleansing ritual for the body...

"Salt cleansing of your aura or personal energy field is a beneficial ritual to increase feelings of wellbeing, lightness and clarity.  

It literally washes away the unwanted energy leaving you feeling totally uplifted and refreshed. This treatment is especially beneficial during & following times of physical, mental or emotional stress or while navigating life changes.

Salts have been used for centuries for energy cleansing, not only for the body but also for spaces we live in, to assist us in feeling more balanced and clear. 

I invite you to try this beautiful ritual treatment we have created and experience the powerful benefits for yourself!"

- Michelle Vasiliou, Owner - SkinSpirit Day Spa



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